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Following Shadows, a Novel

Does surrender ever lead to victory? The seldom told story of Europeans in WWII Japanese concentration camps, is one of the never-told story in Luce Vanderveer Lewis’s family. When the entire family must rally to save one of their own, an unexpected journey of revelations and redemption brings a healing light to them all.

Intergenerational Trauma

The generations following WWII are invited to find deep meaning, along with contemplating all of the tough questions of faith and love. Is faith foolish or wise? Where was God in each atrocity and loss? Is it wise to love what death can touch?*  When generations following WWII step-up to these questions, reveal our own secrets, tell our elders I want to know what you went through, lest we forget a deeper intimacy, trust and love is our reward. We learn to not give up, just as our grandparents and parents did not give up. The “never again” commitment, and a quest for peace and spirituality is perhaps our greatest reward.

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Following Shadows

Finding Home Series

“I hope that Following Shadows, a WWII Family Saga, will transport readers into a different world, in order to emerge changed.”

Janneke Jobsis Brown

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